What is a flow control valve?


A flow control valves are used to regulate and control the flow of liquid or gas plant. Typically, these control valves are mechanical, typically rely on regulation of substances to open or close the valve of the object do not want.
Most of the time the hydraulic mechanism will be used to adjust the flow control valve. This type of flow control valve is referred to as an automatic control valve, because it does not require any external bodies or sensors to help control valve opening. Instead, these valves with built-in relief mechanism. These mitigation mechanisms in a variety and use the adjustment to operating fluid are not ideal conditions.
Another type of flow control valve height is referred to as a valve, which controls the volume of the fuel and water tanks. Height control valve helps to prevent the tank from overflowing, which is used to fill the technology very useful. Until the tank has reached its maximum capacity of the valve will remain open. When this condition occurs, the valve through a built-in switch off automatically.
Flow control valve is through an external device, such as a monitor and instrument tuning. These instruments or detectors are usually designed to send a signal to the valve, when the flow or pressure of the working fluid exceeds a certain range. When this happens, these external devices send a signal to a control valve, this will further turn on or off in order to help regulate the flow or pressure of the fluid.