Advantages of gate valve is selected in the project


Gate valve is closed (the gate) along the access road move in a direction perpendicular to the centerline of the valve. Valve driving mode manual gate valve, pneumatic valve, electric gate, material divided into stainless steel gate valve, cast steel valve, forged steel and cast iron gate valves, gate valves in the pipeline mainly for cutting off.
Gate valve is a valve used a wide, General small cutting device is it, our gate has the following advantages:
① fluid resistance.
② opening and closing force required is small.
③ Media flow is not restricted.
④ When fully opened, sealed surface erosion and smaller than the valve working media.
⑤ shape is simple and casting is better.
Gate valve also has shortcomings:
① dimension and opening height is larger. Install the required more space.
② in the process of opening and closing, sealing surface friction, easily lead to scratches.
③ valve generally has two sealing surfaces, machining, grinding and maintenance more difficult.
Classification of the valve:
1. According to the structure of the gate can be divided into
1) Parallel gate valve Parallel slide valve: sealed surface parallel to the vertical center line, that is, two sealing surfaces parallel gate valves.
2) wedge gate valve: seal in an angle to the vertical center line, that is, two seal wedge gate valves.
2. Constructed by stem gate valves can be divided into
1) rising stem gate valve: valve stem nut on the valve cover or bracket, gate opening and closing time, rotate the check valve stem nut to achieve the lifting of the valve stem. This structure is good for lubrication of the valve stem, opening and closing measurably, so is widely used.
2) Inside screw nonrising stem type gate valve: valve stem nut on the valve body, direct contact with the media.