Advantages of all-welded butterfly principles of classification analysis


Star butterfly valve in the production has a very strong advantage , mainly in electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, welded butterfly valve, butterfly valve desulfurization development , manufacturing, butterfly valve consists of a circular disc rotation axis of the valve body to control and adjusting the valve opening and closing , the valve is turned off only early on 0 to 90 degrees , no self-locking valve soldering ability , so that the necessary valve stem fixed to the gear unit to control the valve plate , to control the media effect , and then drag on the gear unit can be self- locking ability notification makes adjustment and control valve in a stable resting , the stem can be stopped at any position , to increase the workability , and is currently used in the industry valve operable at high temperature work , using different pressures , large diameter valves , carbon steel , cast steel, stainless steel production, welded link form , seal with metal sealing , welding is a large butterfly valves , used under high temperature media used for ventilation ducts or gas pipe.

Welded butterfly valve products from the body, disc , seals , transmission and other major components . Its structure using three-dimensional eccentric principles of design, hard and soft elastic sealing and seal compatible multi- processing of new technology, the butterfly valve in working, reducing the torque force, to achieve labor and energy saving features . Thus ensuring the overall corrosion resistance . High temperature resistance, abrasion of reliability.

Welded Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve main advantages:

1 . Reliable sealing, air sealing can be achieved without leakage ;

2 . Flow curve tending to straight best adjusting ;

3 . Unique structure, small & portable , flexible operation, saving, convenient ;

4 . Wide range of applications . Eg : for water, steam , oil, air, gas and other media.

5 . Using three eccentric principle, so that the sealing surface almost zero-abrasion extended life of the valve ;

6 . The application of different temperature and pressure levels below 6.4MPa , corrosion resistance and other various media pipeline .