Ball describes the advantages and installation


1 . Fluid resistance , full bore ball valves basically no flow resistance .
2 . Simple structure, small size, light weight.
3 . Close and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces , and valve sealing surface material widely used in a variety of fluorine plastic , sealing, can be completely sealed . In the vacuum system has also been widely used.
4 . Easy to operate, opening and closing rapidly , from fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation of 90 °, to facilitate remote control .
5. Easy maintenance, simple ball valve, seals are generally activities , removal replacement is more convenient.
6. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface and the dielectric isolation Check Valve and seat , through the media , will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface.
7 . As the ball in the opening and closing process of wiping nature , so can be used for media with suspended solid particles.

Ball installation :
1 ) , take down the sides of the cover flange end , rinsed clean in a fully open state of the valve .
2 ) , the signal band ball before executing agencies should be required to install the ( electric or gas ) in the whole test ( to prevent vibration from transport performance ) , after passing the on-line installation ( wiring by electric actuator wiring diagram ) .
3 ) , ready to connect with the front pipe , the di pipes must be flushed and cleaned residual impurities ( these substances may damage the seat and ball cores ) .
4 ) during the installation, please do not use part of the valve actuator as the lifting of the lifting points to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories.
5 ) , the class of the valve should be installed in the pipe horizontally or vertically .
6 ) , the installation of the pipeline near the falls or external force can not have the phenomenon of the pipeline can be used to eliminate the support bracket or deviate from the pipeline .
7 ) , the pipeline connection , use the specified torque cross- locking flange bolts.