Soft seal butterfly valve industry development impact on


Now the development of China's valve industry has developed rapidly , the domestic valve business has slowly begun to formalize ! Each valve products began to receive widespread attention of users , our company is now more emphasis on one of the products of the soft sealing valve butterfly valve is now functional and structural transformation is very important for us , and now works in many projects need to use soft seal butterfly valve. His sealing performance in all industries and hard seal butterfly valve can be comparable . So so soft seal butterfly valve in the future development of the industry has brought considerable influence .
Lined butterfly valves optimize the product's features
Lined butterfly valve with a spherical sealing surface using fluorine plastic bag lining the valve plate , together with the base of the silicone rubber gasket seat regulator valve sealing performance ; lined butterfly valve operation light , tight sealing performance, long use life ; can be used for quick disconnect or adjust the flow purposes . Used requires a reliable seal and good regulation characteristics of the occasion.
Lined butterfly valve using split, end of the valve shaft are sealed by the valve plate and seat rotation between the base surface and fluoride rubber to control , so as to achieve compact structure , beautiful appearance, reasonable process , reliable performance . Ensure that the valve axis is not in contact with the fluid medium cavity , replace the valve shaft is very convenient , the valve does not require demolition Lili pipeline to complete.