Cast iron pipe construction in some of the requirements under the pipe and attention


Ductile Cast iron pipe in which the application of the various piping systems have been extremely common. About the safe use of di puddle flange pipe, the construction process is a very important process and links . In the cast iron pipe construction process, under the control quality directly affect the reliability of cast iron pipe in the future running of security. Here's the short answer is to do with the small series to understand some knowledge of cast iron pipe on the down tube area.
1, the down tube : tube should be under the requirements of the cast iron pipe down to the bottom , usually under the control method using artificial or mechanical lower tube;
2 , pushing the insertion tube so that the socket : When installing , in order to jack into the socket more effort and smooth. First cast iron pipe will jack into the socket and the socket is pressed onto the apron inside the socket , connect the rope and down the chain , tighten down the chain ; inserted into the socket until the socket all in place , should be left between thefbe fittings and the socket is about 2mm the gap around the outer edge of the socket and ensure that the distance to the apron of the same;
3 , cleaning apron, the apron : The adhesive material on the clear clean apron , the apron bent as " plum -shaped" or " 8"-shaped groove into the socket and pressing his hand along the entire apron again , or a solid hit with a rubber hammer to ensure that all parts of apron Alice does not twist , uniform card in the slot .