Summary knowledge of centrifugal ductile iron pipe


Ductile iron pipe so far in the world has become the material of choice on the water , and it should be gradually extended gas pipeline system, the reason is that with the strength of steel , ductile  cast iron pipe and the required elongation, but the corrosion resistance is more than twice the steel pipe . Flexible interface can effectively play the vibration damping effect.
Ductile iron pipe as a new pipe , its better performance in : excellent mechanical properties , saving metal ; simple construction, integrated project cost economy , high reliability, corrosion resistance, safe water gas ; pipelines for water supply , water supply pipe network, pipeline network , gas pipeline network in the field of long life is a ductile iron , carbon, silicon alloys , in which spherical carbon- free state in the presence of graphite .
Gray cast iron , iron flake graphite matrix production " fragmented " effect. Make it brittle . Nodular cast iron , spheroidal graphite eliminate this damaging effects to make it tough . Nature has iron , steel properties.
Centrifugal pipes and fittings and pressure resistance and tensile strength steel rather than gray cast iron pipe extending rate is greatly improved, with good tough type ; not only overcome the shortcomings of gray iron pipe easy to break , but also to avoid the pipe in under greater pressure variable type of undesirable phenomena.