Summary of centrifugal ductile iron pipes of common sense


Centrifugal ductile iron pipes in the world, has become the material of choice for pipes on and gradual expansion of the gas pipeline system, the reason lies in the strength of ductile iron fittings china with pipe and elongation required, but is more than twice times the steel corrosion resistance. Flexible interface can effectively play the vibration effect. Nodular cast iron tube do for a new pipe, its better of performance performance in: mechanical performance excellent, and saves metal; construction easy, and integrated engineering cost economic, reliability high, resistance corrosion performance, security water lost gas; for water pipeline, and water tube network, and lost oil pipeline tube network, and lost tracheal line tube network of area, using life long nodular cast iron is a iron, and carbon, and Silicon of alloy, which carbon to spherical free State graphite exists.

Grey cast iron, flake graphite iron mass produced "fragmented". Make it rattle. Nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite eliminates the destructive effects, makes it tough. Has the nature of iron and steel's performance.