Application and development of ceramic valves


Ceramic is characterized by heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance , and effective use of high hardness , high temperature deformation and high precision sealing surface characteristics such as its prospects as a gate valve manufacturing materials .
In recent years, been applied to a variety of ceramic materials , ceramic valves typically flow components using ceramic , or important components ( eg ball valve ) on the use of ceramic valve manufacturing , other components ( such as housing ) lined with ceramic , or metal coated ceramics.
Ceramic valve applications:
① ceramic ball
Traffic corrosive fluids containing solids or high temperature fluid control ball valve or shut-off valve can be used valve, depending on the application flow components are all optional ceramic , or choose only the important parts sprayed ceramics.
Structural ceramic ball , if the ball 's path into the triangular hole hole , roughly close to equal percentage flow characteristic , therefore , when the positioner is installed , you can use as a regulating valve. Vertices of a triangle made ​​of horn holes such as , then the amplitude range is large, as the valve is ideal . However, if the rounded corners of the die , it will cause stress concentration is easy to crack , and therefore , despite the fillet is made , the control valve regulating the performance is slightly decreased , but still formed a rounded shape. At this time , the flow rate of fluid through the valve also increases , increasing the corrosion and wear and therefore the use of the characteristics of the ceramic and play more important.
② ceramic valve
In the gasification apparatus , the high temperature high pressure gas contained in the hard particles of pulverized coal and ash corrosive gas flow , in this very harsh conditions ceramic valve is necessary . Over the past made ​​of metal sealing surface of the valve in cobalt chromium tungsten carbide hardfacing can not meet the requirements. Now the pressure on the high temperature metal portion of the housing , and in the use of ceramic sealing parts . Since the development of the body to prevent scratches powder unique structure makes valve life greatly improved.
③ ceramic diaphragm
The valve structure is simple , the contact portion made ​​of a ceramic dielectric body and Teflon membrane components.
After the ceramic valve seat surface by precision grinding and polishing process , the diaphragm completely by crimping , does not leak . As a supporting rubber lining materials, fluorine rubber.
Ceramic body passage , smooth surface, the friction is small and the medium .
④ ceramic plug
Ceramic plug cocks from the ceramic body and composition , using Teflon sealing member is a straight flow resistance of the flanged ball valve .
The wetted parts of the valve parts monomer plus a ceramic lining , and is not deformed by the action of the liquid permeability of the deformation at high temperature , high vacuum.
Seat location wedging force due ceramic cock , generate the necessary sealing pressure .