Water hammer check valve


Analysis of the ordinary check valves and water hammer check valve defect characteristics were studied to optimize the mechanism to close feature eliminates water hammer and prevent the reversal of the pump , draw meaningful conclusions , the check valve for proper selection and use of guiding significance.
With the development of China's national economy and the improvement of people 's living standards . Urban central heating system has been gradually replaced the household type dispersion stove , currently in Beijing , Shenyang and other cities have or are building a large central heating system , central heating system of the future will be toward large-scale , complex direction . Such large-scale central heating system heating large scale destruction of water hammer accidents occur once strong , serious consequences , it must take active preventive measures to minimize and prevent water hammer phenomenon.
Swing Check Valve heating system is a very important component, check valve installation location , structure parameters and closed curves have a significant impact on the safety and reliability of bite heating systems . If the check valve used properly ; able to play the role of ice hammer protection ; However, if used improperly, not only can not play a protective role for heating equipment , and will cause a lot of water hot in the heating system pipeline. Therefore, the role of water hammer check valve in the heating system of research has important practical significance and academic significance.
From the perspective of the movement of fluid transients see ; For check valve requires only power interruption can be turned on or off , but should be based on heat pipe flow conditions on the opening and closing speed have certain requirements . Opening and closing speed will cause undue pressure in the system piping sudden rise or fall , when the appreciation pressure is large enough can cause rupture of the pipe. For the factory to ensure system security, must be reasonable and the selection structure in the form of a check valve closed curve , it plays the role of water hammer .