China valve industry is not optimistic


However, on the whole, China 's valve industry is not optimistic .
1 , the quantity and quality less . China valve business to the small number of above-scale enterprises , mostly small-scale private enterprises about the lack of professional and systematic business philosophy. Protection of the domestic industry, the lack of awareness of competition policy , product quality is low.
 2 , disorderly market competition , price confusion . China valve industry operators took the body and more to sixty or seventy years , many operators exist Xiaofujian mentality , lack of motivation and goals. No modern marketing concept , the market competition is still stuck in a price war on the most junior .
   3 , the macroeconomic slowdown , domestic demand underpowered . Over the past ten years China's economy to maintain 8% annual growth momentum . This state intervention has a very large macro relations , the design of projects are important to people's livelihood, infrastructure. With the degree of market continues to improve, reduce government intervention , is becoming more closely with international standards , stimulating domestic demand in the years after , has been showing signs of fatigue, sluggish growth . Door open , the foreign enterprises to enter the mainland market, the high-quality valve , the valve on the domestic industry, the impact and growing threat .
   4 , Chinese valve industry faces from labor-intensive to technology- and knowledge-intensive changes. Inlet valve is characterized by a precise technical parameters , material well , durable , and domestic enterprises valve quantity and not quality has long been public , and even some manufacturers cut corners in order to reduce costs , poor product quality has become the industry's flawed , serious damage to China valve industry 's international image , affecting the export market position.
5 , labor costs increased. With economic development , people's living standards improve , the level of society as a whole is rising wages , Chinese valve industry would have been a labor-intensive industries, labor costs, improved product price increases brought about , and the valve is inevitable price increases will reduce its market competitiveness.
6, the environmental pollution. Surrounding the valve industry development would bring a certain degree of pollution in the past few decades, the prevalence of the past because of local protectionism , valve business endeavors , and environmental protection as domestic demand is increasing , some low- performance of the valve enterprises will face the risk of failure of the production processes caused by water pollution and air pollution in a comprehensive management is China valve industry facing common problems.
7 , industrial upgrading, domestic re-export . As the domestic valve supply business productivity gap is large, many enterprise infrastructure backward production facilities , product quality is uneven , when faced with the export inspection failed, unable to enter the foreign market clearance problems . The need for upgrading of existing production equipment , improve technical standards, improve product quality, on the one hand and domestic inlet valve to battle to defend the domestic market share , one can expand exports and strive to create more foreign exchange and tax .