Classification understand gasket


Gasket is piping and piping equipment connected between the various components used to seal gaps and reduce local wear like a collar like things. Here is a simple example, like each has a radiator, the heat transmission pipeline in some places is by screw pipe to convergence, for liquids alone two pipes for hot water sealed connection is very difficult, there will be water out. So now all the heating pipes connected place has a similar material with a rubber band being squeezed in the middle of pipes and ducts that gasket. Because of its relatively strong plasticity, thus clogging in the middle of the gap plays a role, can prevent the outflow of liquid.
Now due to the application of different spacer, has a large number of species are expanded. Generally divided into metals and non-metallic nbr gaskets, these gaskets are used as cutting, trimming and punching way produced. Currently, there is in the earth for all the metal material, can be made to the metal gasket materials are copper, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.