Control valve selection points to note


Ball valve type selection

(1) determine the nominal pressure, Pmax is not used to set PN, but by temperature, pressure, material to identify the three conditions from the table corresponding PN and PN value for the selected content to the valve.

(2) determine the regulating Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve type, the amount of leakage to meet process requirements.

(3) determine the valve type, the working pressure should be less than the allowable differential pressure valve, such as not, or alternatively it must be considered from a particular angle valve.

(4) The temperature of the medium in the valve operating temperature range, ambient temperature to meet the requirements.

(5) attempts to prevent the problem considering valve according unclean conditions of the medium.

(6) the chemical properties of the medium under consideration flanged ball valve corrosion problems.

(7) According to media pressure and with a hard object, consider the problem of erosion and abrasion resistant valves.

(8) to consider the effect of overall economic performance, price ratio.