Corrosion resistance of ductile iron pipe fittings


Ductile iron pipe corrosion can not be ignored , high-quality brand ductile iron pipe buried 300 years, now you can continue to use, more than 100 years buried ductile cast iron pipe still in use today is no shortage of . About the use of ductile iron pipe fittings , although long years of pre-history , but its the same corrosion resistance and outstanding cast iron pipe .
Corrosion resistance of ductile iron pipe fittings for ductile iron pipe transporting water and gas pipes , buried in the soil , the first being a tremendous impact on the surrounding soil chemical and physical function , when the tubes are arranged in long-distance pipelines constitute when a successive energization entity, is a serious corrosion of the pipe element , in other words , according to the soil buried pipeline corrosion is not the same , do not show the same characteristics of the layout according to this difference , the difference constituting the oxygen concentration cell , concentrated Poor batteries capable of some battery is strong , thus laying an energized through the soil in this entity occurs when the current long-term , some of which will constitute the anode current is very severe corrosion. Welded steel Ductile Iron Collar selection interface that is an excellent example. But its interface ductile iron pipe conduit is optional rubber ring or mechanical interface -type interface , with insulation function , and thus , the entire pipeline every 4-6 meters there is an insulating interfaces , so that the entire pipeline will not be able to become energized entity .
       The ductile metal conductor tube electrolytic corrosion resistance is usually buried in the ground can be measured current capacity must , by the appearance of corrosion of a metal body as a result of this current is called electrolytic corrosion . Ductile iron pipe because the resistance was largely used for municipal water supply, pipelines, water consumption , etc. , to meet customer needs in various industries .