The process characteristics Di bend fittings


Today I will introduce the process characteristics di bend fittings , carbon steel elbow push the system is to use a layer of color film process specified color . As the alloy push the system elbow advantage of this layer is always present in the film , so neither fade nor require regular maintenance like paint . Color alloy elbow push system can also be molded handle , nor will it have any adverse effect colors even in the sharp bend . This process is closely related to the operation time , time changes can occur in different colors . Change the order of the color is brown, gold, red , purple and green. A major feature of this process is that it can reflect the final appearance of the original surface of the material .
Di double flanged bend of the process is to push the system elbow alloy tank immersed in the solution , the solution containing 250 grams per liter is best Cr2O3, containing 490 grams per liter of sulfuric acid can be, the temperature range 80 ~ 85 ℃, soaking time depends at the desired color , no more than 25 minutes. Push the alloy elbow rinsed with clean cool water , then into a concentration of 250 g / 1 liter hydrochloric acid and 2.5 g / 1 liter phosphate cathodic treatment liquid at room temperature , for about 10 minutes , the current density is 0.2 ~ 0.4A/dm2.