Ductile iron pipes quality inspection methods and procedures


In our daily lives, pipe is often used. As people know, are at home need to be equipped with pipes, gas transport processes need to gas, used during transport of oil pipelines, these pipes are as we produce the necessities of transport transport, storage tool is widely used. Pipe material and type are diverse and vary widely. While different tubing and the scope of benefits, characteristics are different.
Ductile iron pipe inspection carried out in three steps:
first, monitor size, interface better only in standard sizes of installations.
In size, we can be measured with calipers and other professional tools and, secondly, are ductile pipe surface and coating quality, generally we are using Visual inspection;
Finally, is strength tensile testing, this testing advantages of technical content, and you need to meet the standard requirements.

Casting of ductile iron pipe tensile tests should go to a separate test blocks, and should be used with the hot metal casting furnace. In exceptional cases, the specimen can be sampled on fitting body. Sample parts and performance indicators, set by both supply and demand. In recent years, a more sluggish phase in the international steel market, a lot of production of ductile iron pipe manufacturer there are insufficient. However, this two-year market has a temperature of ductile iron pipe, with a number of orders and customers. At that time, require production of ductile iron pipe manufacturers to concentrate more effort to produce high-quality nodular cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe market development on a stage.