Installation considerations for ductile iron gate


Gate series is divided into two series of steel gates and cast iron gate, the model specifications can be designed according to customer requirements. Steel gate to steel plates for the substrate, with rubber sealing, anti-corrosion ways for sandblasting, spraying metal coating on the surface, the product can be produced according to customers ' requirement or provided drawings.   Ductile iron gate installation Note:
1, in front of gate installation, first check whether the bolts connecting parts loose due to transportation, loading and unloading, if loose tighten.   
2, check the main surface on the vertical box with horizontal connection whether there are mismatches and case of dislocation, loosen adjustment bolt until the water in the same plane.   
3, ductile iron gate installation should be used in position when the installation, brake box, gate installation is prohibited to prevent brake box Variant.   
4, prior to pouring of second stage of integral hoisting of the gates in place to find good front and back, left and right of the correct position, and adjust the screws equipped with reinforced welding and engineering firm.
5, gate of factory, in order to make the valves, sluice boxes fit tighter, reduced the gap after installation, 2 meters above the gate was installed at the top and bottom horizontal box plate iron, vertical box adds to the wedge screw. Note After the clearance adjustment wedge and Katie on the set screw removed, to make the gate.
6, when pouring concrete, flowing into the gate, sluice boxes, wedge, the bezel gap in mortar should be removed to prevent mortar solidified affect opening and closing.