Ductile iron pipe market remains in the doldrums


After New Year's Day, Steel City did not have obvious signs of improvement, the market is still a continuation of the pre-holiday doldrums profile market, the overall market price stability maintenance, turnover in the doldrums, taking into account the short-term demand recovery hopeless, is not optimistic about the latter is expected early today and businesses also not a lot of replenishment, stock market still remain low, billet prices continue steady shock, the market is expected to continue steady recent profiles based.
Currently, ductile iron pipe futures market consolidation forward weak, transient stability after billet prices fell, the mentality spot steel market is more cautious. Recently, the national large-scale cooling, reducing the amount of construction sites procurement, construction grid of ductile iron pipe prices decline significantly deepened.
For the latter part of the market, most businesses remained cautious wait and see attitude, the current market outlook for Pipes and fittings is expected to have almost the same idea that the market price of the latter is difficult to fall, but the upside is also very limited, it is recommended not to blindly hoarding up businesses, Dongchu operation still need to remain cautious.