How long the life of ductile iron pipe ah ?


Di puddle flange pipe is ductile iron pipe is short, with the nature of iron , high performance, corrosion resistance of steel, good ductility , easy to install , mainly for municipal, industrial and mining water , gas, oil and so on. Ductile pipe is the main raw material is pig iron , pig iron, ductile iron pipe is to add a certain percentage of carbon, silicon, manganese , sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium Nodulizer then made ​​internal and external corrosion .
How long the life of ductile iron pipe ah ? I believe that this issue, many of us will have some understanding , but for lay people who , rather than to understand the deep reasons. These problems , we should learn how to do ? These issues will affect the price of ductile iron pipe do ?

The key is whether the Ductile Iron Collar corrosion processes do bits . Qualified lined ductile iron pipe required standard kind of cement ; pipe outer wall of the requirements for processing and asphalt paint sprayed zinc coating , you can also choose other epoxy paint. These issues related to the effectiveness of ductile iron pipe in the market , we are not quite understand the question , at this time, will also have to know. A lot of time , too many problems , we are ignored , busy a lot of time, will find that the most fundamental problem has always been very simple.