Current spot market for ductile iron pipe demand gradually release


Current spot market for ductile iron pipe demand gradually release
Steel market began to go to the stock status, judging from the annual peak, highs this year over a year earlier, peak appears at the end of February this year, appeared last year in the middle of March, and high inventory levels below last year 7.31% this year.

Because of the narrow profit margins and even losses, steel trading low ordering intentions, resulting in low overall inventory this year; from the stock speed, overall inventory pressures than last year were slightly mitigated.

Downstream end of effective demand has not been apparent release, market turnover, combined with inventories rising, businesses selling pressures to curb prices rebound.

Therefore, recent domestic steel market prices stabilized in the low price volatility. Analysis of the operators that entered in late March, will go into construction of infrastructure project "golden period", many areas in a large number of major municipal construction projects will start intensive.
Focus of market concern about whether faster demand release, raw material prices stopped falling and the market by default concerns ease. Despite the current spot market for rebar demand release of social inventory and steel stocks also fell, but in the context of production remain high, demand was relatively limited.