Ductile iron pipe is expected end demand markets slump


Currently, domestic steel market notwithstanding the enabling environment for capacity, but good effects are limited, and ductile iron pipe Terminal based on medium-and long-term needs have yet to "wake up".

It is understood that despite the current steel city enterprises into the work rhythm, but most of the construction has not yet started a large area, mainly because the country suffered widespread rain in the near future, low-temperature cold blocks all sites operating rate rises. Builders ' start point in this year was expected to be widespread delays, which directly led to the slowdown in steel and raw materials procurement steps and sent the short-term end demand pick up quickly. In addition, despite the loose money after, but Di Pipe Lining and Coating business are still not subject to Bank bullish on liquidity tight and slow final demand to pick up lowering trade enterprises purchasing hoarding enthusiasm.
We judge, domestic final demand markets in late February will still work half-time municipality status, consumption there is obvious improvement, really improves until the beginning of March.