Ductile iron pipe production process - finishing


1 , zinc spray
According to customer requirements , the use of high-pressure fuel injection machine according to ISO2531 international standard (130g/m2) be sprayed zinc treatment . Grinding : ductile iron pipe is qualified to carry out the appearance of three mill inspection posts , and Cheng , socket , wall of each tube were polished and cleaned.
2 , hydraulic test
Tube amended by Wing corporate standard hydrostatic test , higher than the ISO2531 international and European standards 10kg/cm2, make sure the child can withstand the internal pressure of the pipe .
3 , cement lining
Centrifugal cement concrete lining from the duplex coating machine for lining the inner wall of the ductile iron pipes inspection , cement mortar used are subject to stringent quality control testing and matching , the whole process is controlled by a computer -coated lining , ensuring the quality of the cement lining . Cement pipe lining over health as required .
4 , asphalt coating
Be the first appearance of good health heating pipe , and then the duplex automatic spraying machine for asphalt coating to increase the corrosion resistance of the tube .
5 , final inspection , packaging and storage
Pipe sprayed asphalt for final inspection , fully qualified to spray pipe symbol , then press the required packaging, storage.