Ductile iron pipe fittings used material superiority


Our company is specialized in the production of ductile iron pipe fittings, with high quality products on the market to be welcomed. Here's a brief introduction of ductile iron pipe fittings and the materials of advantages:
Ductile iron is the so-called ball and bred treatment to obtain a spherical graphite cast iron effectively improve the mechanical properties, in particular to improve the ductility and toughness, but also to obtain high strength than carbon steel.

Ductile five decades of the 20th century show up in a high-strength cast iron materials, its overall performance is close to steel, is based on its excellent performance, has been successfully used to cast some of the complicated forces, strength, toughness, wear demanding higher parts.Ductile iron fittings china has rapidly developed into a second gray cast iron, cast iron material is widely used. The so-called "iron and steel", mainly refers to the ductile iron. Therefore, using this material specializing in the production of ductile iron pipe fittings and more durable, longer and stronger toughness.