Ductile iron pipe mainstream market prices continue unchanged


Today, the mainstream price ductile iron fittings market continues unchanged from yesterday, there is a market businesses that have recently traded quite light, the market outlook and more confused, can only choose caution, steady price of shipping. Inventory: the majority of businesses that due to the lack of confidence in the market outlook, stocking enthusiasm relatively weakened, not a large increase in inventory. Businesses are currently on the market will be more reasonable inventory control, to prevent post-market risk.

After entering in January, according to market sources, the market sales approach is the full amount of spot sales strategy, the value of large fluctuations in the market price does not appear, most businesses bearish outlook, as compared with the same period in previous years, market sales down about 30%. Ductile iron fittings china market will not happen in the short term big reversal, stable prices, thinly traded market is now the main theme, but businesses need to be cautious close attention.