Ductile iron pipe market willingness to price low


At present some poor business mentality and willingness to ship strong downstream there are different ranges of discounted value. However, given the screw and material cost decline in support, and final demand decreased significantly, short-term spot market weakness will continue, so Ming is still vulnerable to run. Businesses; China Tianjin part of the low stock support price stability, but turnover remained weak. The overall weak downstream demand, businesses shipping high aversion. Expected demand and raw materials have not been released, traders bearish attitude, strong billet prices under the two sides deadlocked in running smoothly.
There are inquiries, sold just fine. Billet prices do not have strong support, but consider the market above the slab with few resources, may be vulnerable in the late run. Continued weaker on Friday stable trend, market trading conditions were not very good in the morning, sporadic form, highlighting the needs of vulnerable, businesses currently relatively calm. Expect Wuhan 201 stainless steel stainless steel markets in the short term prices quoted are subject to change, continued stability.
Market demand remains in the doldrums, in the long run, the iron and steel industry still needs to further eliminate backward production capacity, acceleration solve the overcapacity, traveling light. Chengdu or hot-rolled prices continue to stabilize in the near future is expected.