Ductile iron pipe sentiment is still strong


Recent di pipe inspection watching the market sentiment is still strong, and major steel stocks are not many businesses, and therefore reduce the selling price even though it is difficult to play a facilitating role. Dealer prices of mind or remain flat along with the crowd, do not think that there are other factors that market transactions can effectively stimulate. On the current situation, the expected short-term price of stainless steel seamless di pipe production process market will be stable and vulnerable to run before the line, but near the end of the larger changes in the market, businesses need to exercise caution.

Less likely to expect short-term pig ductile iron pipes inspection price surge. Reduce fatigue and support of stainless steel, the recent market weakness consolidation. Inventory: the steel stocks are still at record highs, and traders zero inventory measures without reservation, the downstream end of the business enterprise sourcing and procurement, said years ago, not a lot of stocking plan is expected to short-term market fluctuations do not appear large, but businesses need to exercise caution.