Ductile iron pipe installation tips and cautions


Ductile cast iron pipes installation using the sliding-in "t" type interface, as long as the socket insert socket into place.
Construction has proven: reliable sealing of such interface, good shock resistance and corrosion resistance, easy operation and installation technology easy to master, improved working conditions, reliable quality, interface, after which it will be water, is a good form of interface. Di Pipe standard lining and coating installation important:

1, bottom tube: technical requirements should press the tube down to the bottom of the pipe, usually through artificial pipe or tube method under machine;
2, cleaning the orifice: Socket all the debris clear. Except, and scrub clean, because any attached property are has may caused interface leaking;
3, and cleanup rubber circle, and Shang rubber circle: will rubber circle Shang of stick with property Qing wipe clean, put rubber circle bent for "plum shaped" or "8" glyphs loaded into bearing mouth slot within, and hand along throughout rubber circle press a again, or with rubber hammer hit real, ensure rubber circle all part not Alice not twist, uniform consistent to card in slot within;
4, and in Jack outside surface and rubber circle Shang brushing lubricant: will lubricant uniform to brushing in bearing mouth installed good of rubber circle surface, and When the spigot outside surface coating of lubricant to Jack line Jack everything brushed, bevel was particularly important.