Problems in installation of ductile iron pipes aprons?


1, to be placed in the socket, rubber ring grooves with the hand pressing.
2, when the ductile iron pipe need truncated after installation, the inlet port should be processed into Groove shape.
3,In a curved piece of pipe through the corner of the interface installed, along the pipes should be installed in a straight line, and then switch to the required angle. During the installation process to be outside of the arc tubes that have been laid out with a small block of wood hold steady to prevent displacement.
4, the installation process, pipe, pipe axis in a straight line, or rubber ring can easily be top out, affect the quality and speed of installation.
5, Pipes and fittings installation must be horizontal, tubes should be separated into a straight line, when in case of inclination, be careful.
6, the interface at the socket of the connecting pipe, if you insert too much resistance, do not force insertion to prevent twist rubber ring.
7, ductile iron pipe installation and laying of the disruptions, and cover up the nozzle closed, prevention of landslide debris flow into the pipe.
8, before the pressure test in the middle part of each tube should be appropriate for the soil.