What are the characteristics of ductile iron pipe


By the analysis of the steel market can be seen ductile iron pipe price trend. Due to changes in raw materials led the overall operation of the hub . Thread the wire increases with the level of inventory , the ability to quickly downstream demand is still an important issue market , short-term contradiction. Overall, the market showed no significantly reduced prices , mainly dropping slightly based. Plate , the main factor is the impact of rising inventories and sales of greasy , social stock show growth trend as a whole , especially in Shanghai to reach the amount of inventory days. Market pressures increase . Festival terminal stocking behavior is too short , the domestic raw materials ?
At present, the general situation of the overall turnover of iron powder market , supply and demand sides looked mood strong , stable market price of imported ore , poor turnover . With the advent of ductile iron pipe demand season , ductile cast iron pipe steel prices began to rise, steel consumption in corporate earnings improved significantly reduce production maintenance , steel production release is also synchronized to accelerate , Steel City destocking or under pressure. But after the holiday release downstream demand or volume , water conservancy and hydropower and other rural foundation to build a substantial investment to start building , will boost demand for steel at a certain level . Estimated that steel prices will be late into the upstream channel.
In the market, how do we choose ductile iron pipe ? This is not just based on our needs for more time division is also based on the needs of our material . We ductile iron pipe manufacturer in here to introduce some simple ways . Because of these , there will certainly be more in accordance with manufacturers and experience . Ductile iron pipe is made ​​of cast iron , also called ductile iron pipe and cast iron pipe in the manufacturing methods and materials , there are many differences , it is not the same nature . Application of ductile iron pipe in the countryside is also very common for water conservation has an important role in rural ductile iron pipes are used to stop watering , were originally used to stop irrigation diversion canals and drains have many Central is leaking , and not only drains the impact on air traffic and is not beautiful, as the economy carried out , more and more people are pursuing the United States side, and in order to advocate for resource conservation , township enterprises have advocated ductile iron pipe drains & P activities in addition to lead , so usual in in the village we saw drains , and now are public ductile iron pipe water , and it did midway phenomenon of water , water will not be a wasted in vain .
Ductile iron pipe should have the following features: anti-corrosion, the main water supply pipeline project using pipe cement pipe , ductile iron pipe and steel pipe. Pipes system, ductile iron pipe strength gray Pipes and fittings , tube elongation gray iron ductile iron pipe arrives, corrosion resistance iron pipe is gray iron pipe times , life is good at using gray iron pipe , replace the performance of various performance cf . The traditional gray iron material more brittle , with a mechanical interface when not connected to the higher use of land often can not prevent the onset of bursting phenomena encountered geological conditions, the external load conditions change , easy to attack the pipe brittle fracture and produce leak , now simply exit the market.