Domestic centrifugal ductile iron pipe exports up , the rings are relatively stable performance ratio


November centrifugal Pipes and fittings export chain fell slightly , while the average export price of $ 854.56 $ 827.99 MoM rose 3.21% in October , November centrifugal ductile iron pipe export prices go down a description of the current pattern is very sensitive to price increases limited external demand recovery efforts . Overall, the slow recovery in external demand , low-cost competitive advantage makes domestic exports rose centrifugal ductile iron pipe , the rings are relatively stable than performance.
Ductile iron pipe production chain position adjustment resulted in the weakening of ore smelting sectors have the ability to make profit recovery, but a fundamental improvement in profitability of the industry is still dependent on rising steel prices and iron ore prices rose more than achieved . In short , capacity utilization and ore weakening the bargaining power of judgment is only a secondary indicator , the core is still behind demand performance. If then we find centrifugal ductile iron pipe industry has undergone tremendous improvement in profitability and achieved significant excess returns , it is because the demand for more rapid recovery than passive capacity utilization to enhance or decrease in ore prices .
Obviously , the demand is not bad . So, prices fell because of supply pressure too ? Recent years, with the rapid expansion of production capacity of ductile cast iron pipes, ductile iron pipe domestic production , ductile iron pipe production has hit record highs, in 2013 the average daily ductile iron basic pipe production has stabilized at 2.1 million tons or more, it seems the pressure is really not small. But the situation would happen , comparative analysis remains to be done .