Ductile iron pipe prices rose after the holiday inertia empty


Before the Spring Festival, the domestic market Double Flanged Pipes festive atmosphere No dispersed, maintaining the trend of pulling up next spot double socket bend prices are inertia, while steel market is also weak shocks as in previous years, a clear showing "of weak and strong cash "pattern. Rigidity network analysis, the short-term demand fundamentals Steel City obvious change is difficult, but in the raw materials market continued to rebound after the holiday, businesses continue to be optimistic after the Lantern Festival demand may focus on the release of positive mentality support, ductile iron pipe prices in the short term will continue to show people pull up trend.

Downstream steel industries have yet to enter the normal operation phase, workers are returned to the manufacturer for a succession of time periods, and for some time after the Spring Festival is also the mobility of employees during the most intensive, personnel limit the impact of upstream and downstream enterprises to start a certain extent . Another series of infrastructure investment policy before the Spring Festival is also identified in the preparatory work such as pre-construction financing which, in short period of time China's steel demand side will continue at a relatively sluggish phase.