Ductile pipe connection technology using Groove Tube


In ductile iron fittings for the cause of the people , because of its resistance to external pressure , which can bed down pipe and the protective layer manufacturing needs, so that pipeline is economical and reliable ; else, zinc spray , spray paint asphalt , lined Measures to ensure that the cement of the inner tube and the outer corrosion resistance.
Ductile pipe at the time of installation is relatively unique : short pipe a pipe , ductile iron pipe , also known as disk Cheng short tube , pipe , also known as B short tube inserted disc , and the disc tray Order of the short tube short tube is inserted ductile iron pipe pipeline fittings must be used . Cheng refers to a short tube coil is flange interface is another one socket ; disk inserted refers to a short tube is flange interface, the other end is the jack. Both ductile pipe is generally used to control the valves in the pipeline joints , the ductile iron pipe flange socket into the mouth , and perhaps butterfly valve docking with perhaps fitting method used to alter the pipeline , was the play change the interface connector effect method.
Ductile iron pipe fittings used in connection trench technology , also known as clamp connection technology , has become the most important technology currently liquid, gas pipe connections , although the technology development in the country later than other countries, but because of its advanced technology nature , the domestic market will soon be received . Developed since 1998 to the present, through the development and application of a few years , ductile iron pipe has gradually replaced the two traditional pipe connection flanges and welding . Not only technically more mature markets generally recognized , and has been actively guide the national regulations and policies . Application Groove Tube connection technology , so that the pipe connection process becomes complicated simple, fast and convenient. The pipe connection technology a major step forward .
Ductile iron pipe trench connection fittings include two categories of products :
1 , the connecting pipe sealing effect of rigid joints, flexible connectors, mechanical tee and groove flange ;
2 , the transition from the role of connecting pipe fittings elbow , tees, crosses , reducers, blind panels.
The connecting seal groove connecting pipe has three main components: rubber seal ring , clamp and locking bolts. Located in the inner rubber ring is placed on the outside of the pipe connections , and with pre- Rolling grooves coincide, ductile iron pipe and then fasten the outer rubber ring clamps, and then fasten with two screws to . Due to its rubber seals and seal clamp using the unique structural design can make the groove connector has a good seal, and with the fluid pressure inside the tube increased , a corresponding increase its tightness .