Installed in the electrical insulating spacers can have any effect?


Mounting the capacitor insulating spacers , including gasket body , said gasket body and the end faces of the capacitor shape and the same size ; said spacer body is formed with a terminal of said capacitor to match the number and size mounting holes . Capacitor installation, the capacitor circuit board mounting face and said insulation installed between a sbr gasket  that can make the capacitor mounting surface , the insulating spacer and board intact close cooperation, help to increase between the capacitor and the circuit board insulation, to prevent the capacitor body and the ignition circuit and short circuit occurs between the plates .

Relates to the detection of lithium ion accessories , and more specifically speaking is a lithium ion battery insulating spacer ; its structure from top to bottom of the release paper , the adhesive layer , the substrate and the lower layer ; using this utility model allows the operator to clearly see , whether the removal of the release paper glue and the substrate due to misuse and tear , effectively avoid the late short-circuit accidents, which can effectively help widely applied in production , the production of major practical significance .