Assembly process of fitting a viable technology


In recent years, the pipe coupling to hydraulic piping system is used widely. However, if improper Assembly will, to a large extent affect the airproof performance and compression resistance, so the correct assembly is essential. After a long practice, summed up a practical Assembly method, as described below.
Tube should be no oxidation on surface Peel, crack, wrinkle, sandwich, dents and other defects of high-precision tubing. Sawing pipes special equipment for sawing pipes, squeeze roller cutters, cutting is not allowed, to ensure that the tube end faces perpendicular to the center line, which generally require cutting surface perpendicular to the axis of the pipe for the outer diameter tolerance 1%. Slightly chamfered deburring. Due to near the saw blade into the card sets, so you can't have scratches and not round.
In card sleeves and Dismantle Joint thread coated with lubricant, set into the ferrule and nut to the appropriate location, such as the difficulty or not at all when into must not be expansion card, just gently pipe end can be repaired with a file. Packaged note card sets the direction cannot be mounted wrong, or can not be sealed. For small diameter of pipes, if is thread joins of, can directly loaded into connector component, first with hand Rotary tight nut until feels to has by card sets weizhi, then will pipes pushed into connector body of within cone hole, in pipes and nut Shang made mark, will nut towards a direction rotating three-fourths circle, remember not reciprocating Rotary, while to guarantee pipes cannot and nut together turned, its purpose is guarantee card sets embedded tube body. Final locking, and then rotate the nut three-fourths ring, this allows the card to further embed tube, sleeve edges in front of noticeable Protuberance.