Fittings price how to develop it?


K type di pipe what is the price? Combining fixed the following situations:
1 galvanized fittings in indoor water supply pipe is priced materials, by the meter, considering the, inventory valuation can be viewed as complementary material, its prices are adjusted according to the market price.
2, is the main material of pipe of UPVC drainage pipe, is marked in the fixed content, the price is not counted.
3, spray galvanized pipes (threaded, clamp connections) pipe fittings for materials not denominated, need to take into account the existing price of pipe included.
4, pp-r pipe fittings is the primary material is not denominated in fixed, according to indoor galvanized steel consumption recorded in the main material prices.
5, process piping (seamless steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes, and so on) when pricing, pipe fittings are separate form fixed, as detailed in the sixth book.
6, individual: plastic pipe joints can be found in fixed prices of galvanized steel parts after description of the content (due to Pipes and fittings reference content), we can see that does not contain the contents of the Union, Union joint can be individually taken into account the main material.
7, for the fittings cannot be determined, questioned the bidding, requests based on the amount field to enter the settlement, regardless of its price when bidding.