Graduation and ductile iron pipe fittings commonly used interface mode


 In addition to having a gray ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe all as corrosion resistance, easy processing , etc. , but also has good elongation, and wall thickness of only gray cast iron pipe 2/3 , so you can save a lot of iron and steel . Currently in the United States , Japan, France , Germany and other countries have extensive use of ductile iron pipe . In our country for piping systems is also required as the preferred use of the ductile iron pipe tubing .
Ductile iron pipes are made of a flexible interface. National standards in China provides water annealing centrifugal casting ductile iron pipe, pipe fittings, rubber ring of the technical requirements , the production of ductile iron pipe products must comply with current national standards. Bearing capacity according to the wall thickness or ductile iron pipe into K8, K9, K10, K11, K12 four , where the contract is not indicated by K9 suppliers.
Ductile iron pipe proper use of the process , the corresponding fittings selection and installation methods for the correctness of the safe use of ductile iron pipe has a very important impact. This requires that we usually ductile iron pipe fittings and other products for some of the features and performance to do more to understand. Here is small as we share some of ductile iron pipe fittings on the relevant knowledge , we want to help.
FBE Fittings with flexible interface by interface into the form of machinery, slide- categories. Mechanical interface is divided into N1 type , X -type and S- type three. Slide -in interface in the form of T-type . According to the requirements , we can use other interfaces in the form . Interfaces should be specified in the contract form . Pressure pipe fittings used blue , bolts, nuts, apron, etc. according to GB13295 support circle the relevant provisions of the appendix .