Check valve structure and mounting flange


1 , flange check valve disc-shaped valve , valve seat passageway around the shaft for rotation , because the valve passage into a streamlined , flow resistance is smaller than the rise butterfly check valve for low flow rates and large diameter flow changes infrequently occasions, but not for pulsatile flow , the sealing performance is less than lift . Of ill -style butterfly valve , double disc type and mostly type three, according to the three main forms of valve diameter to points, the purpose is to prevent the media back in time to stop the flow or weaken hydraulic shock .
2, the flange Dual Plate Check Valve: the valve body along the vertical centerline of the sliding valve, check valve internal thread can only be installed in horizontal pipes of small diameter high pressure valve can be used on a ball check valve . The butterfly valve as the valve body shape of the shut-off valve ( shut-off valve can be common ) , so it is fluid drag coefficient . Its structure is similar to the cut-off valve , and valve body with the same cut-off valve . Valve and valve cover the lower part of the upper guide sleeve is formed with Jane, Jane valve guide freely in the valve lift light guide Jane, when the media afloat , thrust open the valve by the media , when the media stops the flow , the valve by self- vertical landing on the seat, to prevent the media from the backflow effect. Straight-through media and export channels butterfly valve seat passage direction perpendicular to the direction ; same vertical lift check valve , the media and export channel direction and the direction of the seat channel , its flow resistance than the straight- small .
3 , flange check valve : valve rotation around the pin within the Swing Check Valve seat . Simple disc check valve structure can only be installed in horizontal pipelines , sealing well .
4 , flange check valve : the valve body along the centerline of the slide valve. Check valve is a valve pipe emerging , its small size , light weight , good processing , is one of the non-return valve development. But the fluid drag coefficient slightly larger than the swing check valve.
5, the compression check valve : This valve is used as boiler feed water and steam off valve , it has lift check valves and globe valves or angle valve integrated function.
In addition, there - some discomfort for the pump outlet check valve installed , such as foot valve , spring- , Y -type check valves , etc. .