The need for specific occasions we use flanged ball valves


Now the ball valve industry competition, conditions selection of valve type is crucial , so we must carefully analyze the situation and determine the selection according to the valve , to introduce you today in what circumstances should chooseflanged ball valve.
Adapt to harsh working conditions
Flanged ball valve is rotated 90 degrees just use operation and a small torque can be closed tightly. Full equality body cavity for the media provides little resistance, through the flow channel. Generally considered the most suitable done directly flanged adaptor open and close to use, but recent development has been designed so that it has the ball and control the flow restrictor purposes. The main features of flanged ball valve is its own compact , easy operation and maintenance for water, solvents, acids and gas work in general media , but also for the poor working conditions of media , such as oxygen , hydrogen peroxide , methane and ethylene and so on. The ball valve may be integral or may be modular .
Demanding cutting conditions apply
Flanged ball valve is a relatively new type of ball category , it has its own unique structure of some advantages, such as small switch friction seals easy to wear, opening and closing small torque. Such actuators can be reduced with the specifications. With more back actuators can be realized on media regulation and tight cut . Widely used in petroleum, chemical, water supply and drainage and other cities demanding cutting conditions.