Electric flanged butterfly valve makes it easy for users to use


Electric flanged butterfly valve from valve body, butterfly plates, seals, transmission, and other major parts. Eccentric structure using three dimensional design, hard soft Elastic sealing and new processing technology of multilayer seal compatible, the butterfly valve at run time, reducing its torque power, to labor-saving, energy-saving features. So as to ensure that the overall corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistance. Lax resistance loss in reliability.
The product on the basis of introducing advanced foreign technology, adopt the accurate j elasticity to seal enclosing and hard sealed structure of three partial multi-level metal, are widely used in medium temperature ≤ is 425 degrees centigrade of metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, and gives draining off water and urban construction, and on the industry pipeline, make the flow of regulating and break fluid use. The valve adopts three partial structure, valve seat and disc Board seal adopt different hardness and stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, long service life, the valve is an official from the seal, valve pressure test products comply with national standards.
This valve adopts three partial sealed structure,valve seat and butterfly's Board have not almost been worn and torn, is it view urgent sealed function; seal stainless steel production, with elastic sealing of metal hard sealing and double advantage, whether in the case of low and high temperature, with excellent sealing performance, corrosion-resistant, long life and other characteristics. Disc Board seal adopt weld cobalt base hard alloy, seal wear-resistant, long service life; large-size butterfly's Board adopts hang's shelf structure, the intensity is high, area of exceeding flowing, flow and hinder lightly.
Valve this have two-way sealed function, when installing without media flow restrictions, nor the impact of spatial location, can be installed in any orientation; drive multi-station Setup, easy to use.