Flat washer function and characteristic analysis


Flat washer is usually thin pieces of various shapes, used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loose or disperse stress. Many parts the same way in materials and structures, for the performance of all kinds of similar efficacy. Due to materials and workmanship by the threaded fasteners constraints, therefore, bolt fasteners, such as seating is small, thus reducing the pressure surface compressive stress the protection of fittings, washers. To prevent loosing of connected pair locking spring washers and toothed lock washer, nut stopping collar and saddle, waveform, conical spring washers. Generally flat washer is primarily used to decrease the pressure, when some parts of tightening axial force is large, easy to make pressure washer into a saucer-shaped, you can use and improve the hardness of material to solve. Flat washer in General can be divided into the spring washer, toothed spring washers in two ways. Following the two washers of the characteristic simple Exposition.
1. spring washers: spring washer of the general effect, vital parts with or without as little as possible, using self-locking structure. Designed for tight (pneumatic or electric) spring washer, preferably using surface phosphated washer, enhancing its antifriction properties, easy frictional heating and burning or open his mouth, and even damaged connector surface. Sheet metal connections, spring washer structure should not be used. According to statistics, the spring washer in the car used less and less.
2. toothed spring washers: toothed washer on a flat washer is, by definition have more than one tooth, typically connected tooth elastic washer due to force and uniform, widely used in the automotive industry, while the interval is relatively small. Through briefly above, we can see that the flat washer in the role of car is very great, and it's important.