Contact transmission parts within flexible coupling


Contact within flexible coupling drive chain system is a complex movement of a plurality of components , that is linked to it 's own motion actuator ( rotary or linear movement ) belong to a separate shaping movement , that movement is forming composite , and thus the relative displacement between the actuator has a strong relationship to ensure that the trajectory . For example, on a lathe with a screw thread cutter car sales , in order to ensure that the processing of the lead screw spindle ( work ) per turn a turn , turning into a linear movement must thread lead . In this case, contact between the threaded spindle and turret drive chain is one pair of gear ratios within the strict requirements of contact transmission chain . If the transmission ratio is inaccurate, threading can not obtain the required thread lead , processing time will not get the correct gear involute . To ensure accurate transmission ratio, including the contact can not be used in the transmission chain friction drive ( it may slip and cause changes in the transmission ratio ) or cis has changed when the transmission ratio of the transmission ( eg pipe coupling) .

Flexible Coupling Through the above analysis of the motion on the lathe can be seen: every sport , whether it is simple or complex , there must be an external contact moving chain ; only have contact within complex motion transmission chain , if a complex Sports decomposed into two parts , the effect of the speed of raw lines form ; contact transmission chain affecting production within the nature and actuator trajectory ; contact within the actuator drive chain can only be guaranteed with the correct trajectory , to make the actuator movement up , you must contact the drive chain through the external power source and the actuator linked to the movement of the actuator to a certain speed and power .