The new flexible interface describes the use of ductile iron pipe basic


In the urban water supply and other pipeline systems engineering construction on the Pipes and fittings option is very important. Choose properly, will bring great impact for the normal operation and use of the entire pipeline system. Select the appropriate pipes and good quality of construction is to ensure that urban water supply networks and other piping systems fundamental guarantee safe operation.
For pipe industry development in China in recent years has been to understand all know , ductile iron pipe in the construction of various piping systems use has very wide. Below the ductile iron pipe manufacturers to introduce you to many types of ductile iron pipe in one - some knowledge of the new flexible interface ductile iron pipe in use .
The new flexible interface optional high-speed centrifugal casting ductile iron pipe skills, has a fine arrangement , wall Bohou uniform , internal and external wall lubrication , no trachoma and slag, high tensile and compressive strength , stable product with a chemical composition , corrosion-resistant , fire -free toxic , environmentally friendly fire safety fit pleading , no noise, no distortion , the use of long-life strengths. The new flexible interface now commonly used ductile iron pipe has A, W are two types of these two types in use each have a number of advantages and disadvantages of each other , as we detail below .
A tube with high strength, low noise, good fire safety features , the use of long-life , and its convergence can flex and seismic features outstanding strengths, but in practice works found in the device space socket joints and pipe body needs larger than the clumsy , consumption of steel and more difficult , especially in high-rise construction in the square was built to withstand .
W -type ductile iron fittings  in addition to the same high strength, low noise, good fire safety features , the use of long-life , and its convergence can flex and seismic features outstanding characteristics , but also also can be synchronized with the construction , pipe utilization, ease of pipes clear pass, reducing the hydrostatic test , shorten the duration characteristics of economic progress.
Moreover, since W -tube straight pipe length is 3m, greatly reducing the number of joint center and in accordance with the needs of the interception of arbitrary length , and then save a lot of pipes, reduce consumption and costs.
The above is to introduce new flexible interface on ductile iron pipe in use in some cases , I believe that through the above explanation, we are able to have a comprehensive understanding of the new flexible interface for ductile iron pipe , lay the foundation for the future is the right choice .