Floating ball valve scope and reference standards


Theball valve is floating, so called floating ball valve. In the ball wide application and promotion, while its scope will be expanded and reference standards, improvement. Floating ball valve scope and reference standards are as follows:
Floating ball valve Scope
Flanged ball valve is the valve structure of the early days, this structure is characterized by a medium to promote ball, pressed against the sealing seat for reliable sealing, dielectric strength is proportional to the square of the diameter of the valve, so when the diameter increases, the pressure level increases, the media will have a significant force, such Class300, NPS8 floating ball valve, the role of the media force on the seat are 190kN, which will seal seat close to the allowable contact stress than the pressure, and the operation torque multiplied. Therefore, the scope of the floating ball valve in NPS8 less pressure stage Class150, Class600 for small caliber NPS2 less.