Formation of spherical morphology of ductile iron pipe


Ductile iron pipe is how to complete the spherical morphology exist? Ductile iron pipe manufacturing process which is a very important aspect. So this process is how to complete it?
The most common process for rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy ball agent into the method, molten iron flow toward the bottom side of the package is not correct placed ball agent, then cover well (first with ferrosilicon grain cover, then use no rust iron or sheet iron, covered with sand or perlite). Nodulizer amount determined in accordance with the original flow of molten iron, the ball under the premise of guaranteed amount as low as possible. Now applies to pearlite ductile iron pipes inspection, ductile iron, and other special large section nodulizer series supply. Some balls ironworks cover package selection method, type in the ball method treatment process to reduce the magnesium burning, smoke-free environmental purposes Micron reaction. The method of feeding wire ball small fluctuations due to residual magnesium content, stability ball quality, improve the working environment, cleaner production, simple operation, easy to control, etc. are being popularized.