Precautions for installing a gas valve


1, the gas valve and hose connections are tight at the interface to be the best tight wire bundles or clamp clamped.

2, the valve before the first check valve inlet seal is deformed off.

3, pressure reducer with Flip Angle is connected. Satisfy when you use a pressure reducer on the flat body, align the handwheel angle valve outlet threaded, with the other hand handwheel counter clockwise until the valve is not so shaken up.

4 To remove the regulator when decanting, before unloading cylinder angle valve must be closed.

5, Remove the valve supply, it should be gently placed stove board or other dry goods, do not readily throw the floor and cried, so easy to damage the regulator, but also easy to seal off the air inlet

6, when the regulator fails, professional and technical personnel should be invited to repair. Do not disassemble.

Install a regulator in the process, please follow the above precautions in order to avoid unnecessary danger and harm.