GBT-shape ductile pipe price stabilisation for spot market price


Today GB t-shape ductile pipe prices remain steady, but limited and raw materials procurement transactions remained poor. For now, month-end business financial stress, in order to increase shipments to cash, most businesses increased the shipping discount, making the overall downward trend in the prices. Short-term construction ductile cast iron pipes prices or continued stability in Guangzhou, but the actual deal kept bargaining power in space. In a recent bullish gradually digested after demand substantive issues highlighted in the face of traditional low season and the pressure of the flow of financial resources, the business operates according to its own inventory, discounted value loosening up, expect Wuhan hot-rolled prices continued to fall in recent days.
Currently t-ball ink marketing inventory pressures, price rises, bad deals, prices fall, hanging upside down, so more choice in the market stability operation. After the financial pressure, under demand better, rising in the market. Xian more deserted the market, merchants hold wait-and-see, spot-market prices on the whole stable, but there is no shortage of discounted value operations, and because of their poor deals in North China, some businesses report-price has a loose, prices of hot-rolled coils stabilisation in XI ' an.
Current enquiries and purchases are more cold and raw materials, the merchant wishes shipments remained strong, and is expected to continue a recent steady weakening.