Graphite gasket should know what are the advantages?


Each pad can be widely used there are a lot of extraordinary advantages, graphite gaskets are no exception when it comes to the advantages of graphite gaskets, Here I will introduce some of the system, so that we have on graphite gasket a profound understanding.
First, with a super-high density graphite gasket seal, which is the most important bit. Because gasket need most is this advantage. Because so many good sealing valve installations will adopt such a graphite gasket.
The second is a very good temperature resistance, it can be said at a temperature less than seven Baidu, graphite gaskets are not a problem. And the same performance and stability at room temperature. The same low-temperature resistance capacity is also very good.
On the one hand is very difficult to corrosion graphite gaskets, aging is not easy, not easy to brittle hair. This reduces the chance of many of maintenance, which greatly reduces the work of reducing unnecessary troubles money.
There is it good compressibility and resilience, it also allows graphite gasket wide range of applications further.