The details of knowledge about ductile iron pipe shipments , transportation, stacking and installation


Nowadays, such as ductile iron pipe in all aspects of our lives and work have had a very wide range of applications . However, for ductile iron pipe shipments , transportation, stacking and installation of some of the issues so we all know how much? Here we come to talk about some knowledge about ductile cast iron pipe shipments , transportation, stacking and installation.
 → ductile iron pipe shipments :
    Diameter (d) ≤ DN300mm a bundle package delivery ;
    Diameter (d)> DN300mm bulk shipments .
→ Transportation:
    Transport use wood, wedges , grilled items such as nail mat prison and fastened with a rope while swimming in the direction of possible padded cushion.
→ stacking mode:
    A small pile - plywood stacked - stacked square
→ Installation:
    Socket rubber ring position to clean up. Put the rubber ring into the socket connector socket cleaned and coated with a lubricant tube.
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