What insulating spacer material more suitable track ?


Polymer composite insulating spacer rail , characterized in that : at least two through holes is set on the gasket, the gasket around the protrusion of each prism is set in position between the adjacent prismatic notch . This rail track construction insulation pads only need to tighten the screws to complete the construction , convenient, fast , easy to replace the nbr gasket can view . Anti -vibration pads , slip resistance, insulation resistance is higher. The spacer disposed between the rail and road disc foundation fasteners to complete the fixed combination for field construction .

FRP composite railroad rail end insulation pads , which is installed in the gap between the rail joints , from electrical insulation. The spacer layer is composed of N E-glass fiber fabric made ​​of reinforced thermosetting plastic laminates , the N layers may be doped with the glass fiber mat is thin n ( i.e. non-woven ) , and the outer layer of the composite aging the protective resin film.
A railway rail insulated with high-strength bolts and iron rails insulating spacer shims , areas belonging to the railway track circuit signal insulated rail parts , the insulation pads are produced with epoxy phenolic glass plate rectangle whose area is greater than the iron gaskets, peripheral protrusion , the recess formed in the center , placed on the iron shim recess constituting interlocking relationship . Insulation pads stuck in between the ribs of the fish plates have two ribs also form interlocking relationships and increase tightening torque .