Classification of non-asbestos gaskets breakdown


Non-asbestos gasket is under specific operating conditions require, to non-asbestos sealing material (not copied from asbestos Board, asbestos-free compression plates, non-asbestos rubber sheet does not contain any asbestos material), molds or stamping, cut into various shapes of seal products.
1, classification of gaskets: gaskets asbestos-free classes according to their formulations, process performance and use, roughly divided into non-asbestos-rubber sheet gaskets and copied from asbestos-free gaskets, which are based on organic fibres and fibres such as aramid, Dingqing rubber and minerals through extensions or copied from manufacture of non-asbestos gaskets series.
2, non-asbestos gasket applications: because of non-asbestos gaskets series not only has high strength and has good elasticity and at the same time with Super anti-penetration properties, so they are automotive and industrial machinery industries the perfect green sealing gasket to replace asbestos gasket.